Augmented Reality In Museums

Integrating Augmented Reality technology to a mobile device, either phone or tablet, Project ARIM offers a new perception when exploring museums.

Revolutionizing the interaction between the visitor and the artefacts.
This project is in close cooperation with the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo to use Augmented Reality to fill the gap between the visitors and the artefacts with interactive stories and visualisations.
ARIM allows the Museum of Cultural History to test and evaluate the use of new interactive ways for the visitors to experience artefacts in the new Viking Age Museum.

A new perception when exploring museums.
The possibility to add a layer within the experience of visiting a museum will improve the educational moments and it become fun and interactive too. The enrichment of sensory perception using video, graphic and text elements has found a home within museums.

Extended Reality In Healthcare

Extended Reality (XR) is revolutionizing the medical field by injecting innovation into the healthcare experience.

Transforming healthcare and saving lives with XR
Doctors and surgeons increasingly leverage XR for medical procedures, and hospitals are utilizing XR to streamline medical processes and improve healthcare, from patient care and surgical imaging to resident training.
The effectiveness of the health care system is highly dependent on its use of the most advanced cutting-edge solutions, like the use of XR-technologies. These technologies offer feasible solutions to the many challenges of the health care systemand offer numerous diverse opportunities of its implementations in various areas -such as patient care, general diagnostics and medical training.

It is our mission to create unique interactive experiences and groundbreaking XR applications in healthcare that will offer endless possibilities to both organizations and patients.

Augmented Reality In Hotels

We believe that AR technology is a great fit for hotels and their guests because it addresses two primary traveler needs: information and entertainment.

AR technology helps hotels stand out.
Brochures, websites and other marketing materials are all about bringing a property to life for a potential guest, but AR technology takes that concept up several notches.

Top hotel technology trend
Analysts concur that hotels must differentiate their brand experiences, particularly if they seek to win over millennials, who shy away from predictability and are quick to embrace the new and different — especially if it leverages mobile devices.
Now that consumers are becoming more aware of the power of augmented reality technology, it’s poised to take its place among the top hotel technology trends.

Location Based Extended Reality

For location-based extended reality (LBXR) we use real-time geo-data from a mobile device or smartphone to provide extended services to deliver information, entertainment or security.

Location-based interaction
Location-based extended reality use real-time geo-data from a mobile device or smartphone to provide information or entertainment.

We use a smartphone's GPS technology to track a person's location, if that person has opted-in to allow the service to do that. After a smartphone user opts-in, the service can identify his or her location down to a street address without the need for manual data entry.

Augmented Reality In Print

With AR printing and packaging materials can come to live and become interactive quickly and easy, because of the real-time Augmented Reality technology. 

Augmented Printing
Create more engagement and interest in your print article with less paper work by augmented printing. Drive curiosity to your content and make audience to follow you for latest and significance material to their daily diary by augmented printing. Keep your audience more advanced in this digital era with Samwork's augmented printing solutions.

With AR you can distinguish your company.
Augmented Reality Brochures such a genuinely enhances the buying process. People often put off purchasing items because ‘they can’t visualise’ the end result. Augmented Reality solves that problem very effectively.
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