Experience, Technology and Value


From interface to application. We develop to our customers need on all platforms.


We produce and deliver content for all types of applications in all possible formats.


We can help to make the best possible choices in the field of interactive information technology.


We do much research and training because we always use the latest technology.

Our team

We design and build applications for mobile devices. Our approach combines a mix of innovation strategy, UI/UX design, and well-crafted software. Our combined experience, expertise and commitment to excellence enables our team to create solutions that some clients initially believed were never possible.

XTEND is comprised of a variety of interaction designers and software developers; who all have a passion for what we do: designing and developing functional, efficient, effective and enjoyable-to-use XR applications.

We strive to accelerate to the market new innovations and technologies. This keeps us ahead of the industry and keeps our clients ahead of their competitors. We have the resources, the capacity and experience to commit long term to the requirements of our clients.

Our technology

For our AR development we use the AR Foundation package to add high-level functionality to augmented reality and it allows us to work in a multi-platform way:

  • ARKit (IOS)
  • ARCore (Android).
AR Foundation supports the following concepts:
  • World tracking: track the device's position and orientation in physical space.
  • Plane detection: detect horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Point clouds, also known as feature points.
  • Reference points: an arbitrary position and orientation that the device tracks.
  • Light estimation: estimates for average color temperature and brightness in physical space.
  • Environment probes: a means for generating a cube map to represent a particular area of the physical environment.
  • Face tracking: detect and track human faces.
  • Image tracking: detect and track 2D images.
  • Object tracking: detect 3D objects.

location based applications

We use Mapbox to build the maps for our location based applications. Mapbox is the location data platform for mobile and web applications. They provide building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation into any experience we create.
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